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The Maya had a sense of beauty that was quite different from ours.  They shaped the skulls of their newborn children by tying boards to the forehead. They admired a forehead that sloped back.

Slightly crossed-eyes were considered beautiful. An object would be dangled in front of their eyes to try to create crossed eyes.  The Mayas wore many different forms of jewelry.  Jade Jewelry was the favorite.   Jade was worn in beads, earrings, and ear spools.  It was also one of the materials that the Mayas traded.  The Mayas also wore gold.

The Maya would put body paint on themselves for special occasions. 
They decorated their teeth . First they filed their teeth to make them pointed and put jade in the holes.

Men wore an ex which is a loincloth--a cloth that covers as much as a small bathing suit. .  Women wore loose sack like dresses.  The clothes of the priests and nobles were made with finer materials and had many shells and beads on them.  For ceremonies they wore wonderful head-dresses.