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Their clocks were calendars

The Kin  :: See what they look like

The Maya year has a basic unit called Kin, a word that means day or sun. The Tzolkin calendar has a cycle of 20 day names combined with a cycle of 13 day numbers. Each of these 20 names has a glyph to represent it. To measure passages of time, priests studied the sun, the moon, and Venus. 

Mayas had a calendar with 18 months with 20 days, plus 5 unlucky days which made up the days in a year. The Mayas also had a religious calendar which had 260 days in it.  Each  day was give a name and a number.

The Uinal :: See what they look like

A Maya year is divided into 19 months,  designated Uinal. Each has a name and a corresponding glyph. Of these months, the first eighteen have twenty days and the last one, called Uayeb, has only five. The days within a month are numbered from 0 to 19 with the exception of Uayeb which is numbered from 0 to 4.