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  My Tacos Are Wiggling ! 
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  Tacos were originally made with bugs.

The worm is a delectable dried and cured caterpillars from century plants (gusanos de maguey)

The indigenous tacos are of Charales, maguey worms, sweet water shrimps, ant spawn or escamoles, and even chapulines (a kind of crickets).

If you are lucky enough to live where people of Mexican extraction live, exotic items such as gusanos (worms) de maguey or chapulines might be available.

Insects were a major part of the Pre-Columbian diet. Mexicans did not have many animal proteins to eat because they had so few farm animals. So insects were an important food. To this day insects are served for food in many parts of the country. It is one of the ways Mexicans retain their food traditions.

Tacos are made with tortillas, filled with a variety of food and seasoned with sauce, mayonnaise or sour cream, the Mexican tacos are quick to cook and easy to buy because they didn't not cost much.

The taco was created because the peasants' were looking for a way in which their workers could take their lunches with them to the farmlands. With the cities grew, the peasant farmers took their taco habits to the cities. Soon the the fast food taco was one of the preferred meals of the Mexicans.

The main ingredient of the taco is the tortilla, it is filled with different stews, and seasoning with tomato and chili sauces, vegetables and some other ingredients.  Tacos are most often made with beef, pork or chicken and sometimes lamb meat that is cooked in maguey sauce (worm sauce).

The tacos of canasta (basket) or sudados are from México city. They are sold in baskets, and made with small tortillas that are not rolled but bent. The often include green mole, pork meat in pipian, grinded meat, potatoes with smoked pork sausage.

The sea food tacos are filled with breaded shrimp, fried fish and shellfish.