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Tecomates -- Thin-walled jars without necks used by archaeologists to date Maya sites.

Tikal --See "places" section of website

Tohil -- The Quiché Mayan fire god.

Toltec -- The Toltecs ruled much of Maya central Mexico from the tenth to twelfth centuries A.D. The Toltecs were the last dominant Mesoamerican culture before the Aztecs, and inherited much from Maya civilization. The Toltec capital was at Tula, 80 kilometres north of Mexico City. The most impressive Toltec ruins are at Chichén Itzá in Yucatán, where a branch of Toltec culture survived beyond the civilization's fall in central Mexico.

Tulum --See "places" section of website

Tzolkin -- known as the "Sacred Round". It was the 260-day Maya calendar.