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Haab -- One of the three Maya calendars, and the one which is the most closely like ours in length. The haab is known as the "Vague Year" by archaeologists, since it is 365 days in length, or about a quarter day short of the actual solar year.

Halach Uinic -- Literally, "the chief of men" - a leader or king.

Hunahpu and Xbalanque -- These Hero Twins overcame the forces of death. They are usually shown wearing red and white cloth headbands, a symbol of Maya rulership. Hunahpu;s face serves as a glyph for the day name ahau, meaning king.

Hurakan -- The ancient Mayan god of wind and storm. He brings the anger of the gods upon the world with floods. He is a creator god. According to legend he lived in the mists hanging over the original flood, He took the form of the wind, and repeated the word "earth" until the solid world rose from the seas. When the gods became angry with the first human beings, Hurukan created floods which destroyed them. The word 'hurricane' comes from his name. Hurakan means "one-legged"