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Acan -- In Mayan mythology, the god of wine.

Acat -- The Maya god of tatooers. Ac Yanto -- The god of white men, according to the Maya.

Ahau -- The Maya word for "god" or "high king".

Ah Bolom Tzacab -- One who controls the rain and thunder he is the Mayan god of agriculture.. His name means "the leaf-nosed god". He is pictured with a leaf in his nose. He is the so-called 'God K'.

Ah Chun Caan -- The Mayan deity of the city of Merida.

Ah Cun Can -- A war god, also known as the Serpent Charmer.

Ahmakiq -- Mayan god of agriculture. He locks up the wind when it threatens to harm crops.

Ah Cuxtal -- The god of birth.

Ah Hulneb -- Mayan god of war.

Ah kin -- A high priest.

Ah Mun -- The Mayan god of maize.

Ah Kumix Uinicob -- The Mayan attendant water gods.

Ah Muzencab -- The bee gods.

Ah Peku -- In Mayan mythology, the god of thunder.

Ah Puch -- The Maya god of death, also known as Hunhau, he ruled over Mitnal, the land of death, the lowest and worst of the nine hells. He was normally shown with the head of an owl on a human body. To this day, the Indians of Central America and Mexico believe that someone will die when the owl screeches. In other representations Ah Puch is shown as a skeleton or a swollen corpse, wearing bells.

Ah Uincir Dz'acab -- The Mayan god of healing.

Akhushtal -- Goddess of childbirth.

Alaghom Naom --The mother goddess. She is related to creation of thinking, and is known as "Mother of Mind".

Alaghom Naom Tzentel --An ancient Maya goddess of thought and intellect

Aztecs ~ In the 15th and early 16th centuries the Aztecs ruled a large empire in what is now central and southern Mexico. The Aztec are so called from Aztlán ("White Land") They shared many of the cosmological beliefs of earlier peoples, the Maya. The Aztec empire was expanding when its progress was halted in 1519 by the appearance of Spanish explorers. The ninth emperor, Montezuma II was taken prisoner by Hernán Cortés and died in custody. With the Spanish capture of Tenochtitlán in 1521, the Aztec empire came to an end ..